We offer nuts & saddles for classic & acoustic guitars with 1 neck's configuration and 3 of bridge in various materials formulated with different grades and load type according customer needs.

Product packaging for industry & whosalers

Plastic bag type SIP inside carton box per 1000 units (MQO).

Product packaging for shops

Nuts and saddles per unit or both together properly bagged with hanger.

We can develop different nut & saddles types for different king of string musical instrument according Customer needs.



Long High Thickness
52 mm /2,047 in 6,25mm/0,246 in 4,5 mm/0,177 in


Bridge nut option Long High Thickness
1 80 MM /3,149 in 8 mm /0,3159 in 2,5 mm/0,098 in
2 73mm /2,87 in 8,5 mm/0,334 in 3,5 mm /0,137 in
3 73mm /2,87 in 11 mm/0,433 in 3,5 mm /0,137 in

(*) Percentage of contraction -1.2% with respect to the measures reported above and depending on the type of material used.

Thermoplastics concept and our purpose:

Thermoplastics are materials that at relatively high temperatures, become deformable, rigid or flexible, melt when heated and harden into a glass transition state when sufficiently cooled.

Most thermoplastics are high molecular weight polymers, possessing chains associated by means of weak Van der Walls forces with strong dipole-dipole interactions and hydrogenated bonds, or even stacked aromatic rings.

Thermoplastic polymers differ from thermorigid ones in that, after heating , they can be molded and in certain cases form other objects.

In conclusion , these materials give us the possibility of combining them with loads of different origin and attribute , which provide specific property to the required formulations in order to obtain the appropriate response to our requirements.

Today and thanks to the characteristics above exposed, every day more and more manufacturers are interested in and adopt thermoplastics for the manufacture of parts related to the transmission of mechanical energy in musical instruments.

Technology's development linked to the industry and the innovative flow of application models of these opens the door to new possibilities of development, cost and performance linked to the music industry.

We are proud to be part of this time of changes in concepts and paradigms in this area, offering customized formulations to manufacturers in order to reach the best product - service and bring improvements to the always innovative music industry.

Sincerely yours,

Sergio and Gabriela Caseres from GyS Bross.


Nuts and Saddles

Nuts and Saddles

Nuts and Saddles